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QQ-3482. Mr Eiden McGrath - Nursing – Ayushi Uniyal – Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


Ms Alison petchell

The cabin podiatrist

City podiatry centre

Swanston st


14 November 2021

Dear Ms petchell,

Re: Mr Eiden MC grath,DOB: 16 August 1965

MS Eiden Mc Groth who has been diagnosed with type. 2 diabetes mellitus she requires further assessment and treatment for his foot ulker at your facility

Ms Eiden MC grath presented to hospital on 05 July 2019 with two weeks history of foot ulcer due to shoe string. She reported tiredness and lethargy. Additionally, tender and swollen foot was noticed. A blood test revealed elevated blood sugar levels and x-ray showed grade 2 wound. Consequently,fortamet 100mg,albactin 500 mg and tapcyntia If necessary have been provided.

During her time in care,the moist dressing was performed. A walking stick and appropriate cushioned footwear have been recommended.

Mc grath drinks alcohol occasionally. She has had hypertension since 2009; however,she is non-complain with atenolol 50mg. Due to fracture in her left femur in 2010,ORIF was performed allergies with dust,pollen and shelfish have been recorded.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, surgical detriotement possibly due to foot ulcer and further management would be profoundly beneficial. Limitation in alcohol consumption and weight bearing exercises have been suggested. Please note,topcynto will be replaced with duovolt 50mg after a week.

If you have any queries regarding Ms Mc grath please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse.


1. Ayushi Uniyal - Eiden McGrath

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