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QQ-3460. Mr George Chien - Nursing – Hagar Yeboah – Right Total Knee Replacement


Ms Loretta Pasquale


Templestowe District Medical Clinic

43 Anderson Street


Dear Ms Pasquale,

RE: Mr George Chien, Aged 54 years old

I am writing to refer Mr Chien to you for rehabilitation. He is having difficulty with mobility after he had a complicated right total knee replacement surgery.

Mr Chien has had osteoarthritis and subsequently had the surgery on 27/12/2017. However, he was readmitted on 10/01/2018 following through complaints of right knee swelling and impaired movement. He was managed accordingly and he is currently stable.

Mr Chien is moderately anaemic and he is having some back discomforts. The knee swelling has improved a little bit and the incision site is clean and dry. Please note that he still requires some form of assistance to carry out his activities of daily living.

Although Mr Chien has progressed well, he will need your comprehensive evaluation and further rehabilitation. He can tolerate regular diet and his family will support him. It is worth mentioning that he has a front wheel walker.

In case any additional information is require, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely



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