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QQ-3434. Mr Andy Williams - Nursing – Adeya Mohamed – Obesity


The Surgeon

Dr D kurac

Weight centre

393 Victorian Road




Dear Dr Kurac

Re:Mr Andy Williams,aged 65

Iam writing to refer Mrs William who was overweight,with body mass index of 46.6kg and weight of 155.5kg.she requires your expert evaluation and treatment of obesity.

Mrs Williams has past history of obesity since childhood, and was progressing during adulthood.she does not drink alcohol, but has family history of obesity and gout.also she has past history of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.she was on drugs insulin,antihypertensive and vitamin B12 past she was reluctant to consider surgery for loss of weight because of fear of complications.

Mrs Williams was a radiologist and was depressed because of challenges at work place.she ate 3 times aday and dinner is her largest addition she participated in commercial and weight loss programs,but regained weight after stopping the program.this morning blood glucose level was 100-130mg,haemoglobin level 6.1%,triglyceride 201mg and serum insulin 19mmol.

Mrs Williams was concerned about her health and wanted to get obesity under control,she reported decrease fast food consumption to reduce weight, and also would agree to consider surgery if the weight centre recommended.meanwhile Mrs Williams wanted to learn more about surgical options.

Base on the above mentioned circumstances it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide her with all the care she deserves.

For any inquiries do not hesitate to contact me

Yours Sincerely



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