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QQ-3409. Mr Jake Peterson - Nursing – Kavita Baudh – Alopecia


Mrs Monica Kullan

Senior Nurse Practitioner University of Marchbank Health Centre

Hillsdunne Road


30 August 2019

Dear Mrs Kullan,

Re: Mr Jack Peterson, aged 18

Mr Jack Peterson, who is concerned about transition to the university and independent living due to increased alopecia possibly associated with depression, requires further supervision and special arrangements for exam from your service.

Mr Jack has been a student of Holy House School since last 8 years. He consumes 20 units of alcohol weekly, and is a fond of karate black belt and swimming. His parents lives in abroad. Male - pattern baldness and depression were noted in his father and mother respectively. He has had hair loss since the age of 13. The cycle of hair loss is intermittent with no confirmed etiology.

Initially, he presented with anxiety associated with hair loss in patches. School bullying incident was identified, which he reported no major issue. He was referred to to trichologist, who mentioned the alopecia was possibly exacerbated by stress. A steroid cream was prescribed for 3 months, which he discontinued due to personality changes and sleep loss. On consecutive visits, 6 kg weight loss in 2 months was recorded. He was advised to see the doctor regarding hair loss, anxiety and weight loss but he refused. Homeopathic treatment was implemented with self interest. Low mood and distress were noted due to no results with it. Problems with maintaining peer relationships were identified, which affected involvement in sports. He was referred to school counselor but he did not attend the meeting. Alcohol consumption was increased to 28 units weekly. During exam time, severe anxiety related to increased hair loss was noticed; therefore, separate exam room was arranged.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, further monitoring and assistance would be profoundly beneficial. Special exam arrangements should be organised.

In case additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

School Nurse

Holly House School



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