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QQ-3403. Mr John Alex Frederick - Nursing – Nycy Mathew – Left Knee Injury


Ms Diana Forest

Luvanne Physiotherapy Centre

588 Livington Street

South Wales


Dear Ms Forest,

Re:John Alex Frederick, DOB:18 June 1987

I am writing on behalf of Mrs Norah John,wife of Mr John Alex Frederick, requests home visits from your service for physiotherapy in order to restore her husband's mobility.

On 12 July 2019, Mr Frederick had an injury on his left knee while climbing the stairs. Daily visits for dressing as well as assistance in showering were made upon his general practitioner's request. On subsequent visits, he could walk small distances with the support of his wife despite usual aches and pains. On today's visit, excellent progress was noticed in wound healing and he was advised to walk with walking stick.

Mr Frederick, works as an auditor, is married and lives with his wife.He had stroke in 2016, for which he underwent surgery. Currently, although he is agile and mentally active, slurred speech and impaired balance while walking is present;therefore he is on speech pathologist's review in fortnight. His current medications are plavix, lipitor, valsartan and amoxyl 500mg twice daily for three days.

Pertaining to the above details, it would be appreciated if you could conduct home visit for Mr Frederick and assist him in regaining mobility and improve walking.

In case, any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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