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QQ-3368. Ms Guana Ferrocia - Nursing – Dayana Sheeba – Haemorrhids Grade 4


The Surgical Nurse

Surgical Unit

29 October 2021

Dear Nurse,

Re: Ms Guana Ferrocia, DOB: 01 June 1964

I am referring Ms Guana Ferrocia, who has been diagnosed with grade 4 hemorrhoids, scheduled for hemorrhoidectomy tomorrow therefore, she requires preoperative assessment and postoperative management.

On admission, Ms Ferrocia was presented with the symptoms of bleeding per rectum along with the burning pain. On

examination she was noted

to be prolapsed rectum and slide tenderness; however, her vital signs reading shows normal.She has been administered with intravenous fluids and enema procedure was performed.In addition, instruction has been provided about anaesthesia as well as hospital policy.Concern sign obtained.

Ms Ferrocia, has had type 2 diabetes mellitus and has been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome since 2016 for which,she underwent a Colonoscopy procedure on 2018.Apart from this, she was treated with antibiotics of her appendix inflammation on 2020.She has allergy history to penicillin and aspirin.

Please make sure that,she has to be nil per mouth 6 hours prior to surgery and the pathological results need to be collected.It would be great beneficial for Ms Ferrocia, if you evaluate and meet her needs for above-mentioned surgery.

In case of additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Marry Mouse

Ward Nurse

General unit


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