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QQ-3335 Mr Alex Maydew - Nursing – Nycy Mathew – Neurological Injuries


The Director,

Julia Farr Rehabilitation Centre

229 Fullarton Road


Dear Director

Re: Alex Maydew,aged23

Mr Alex Maydew, who is recuperating from neurological injuries owing to an accident, requires continuing care and appropriate management at your facility following his transfer today.

Mr Maydew had an accident 10 months ago and was in a coma stage for the initial eight months. Subsequently, he has regained consciousness two months ago with normal brain function;however, he exhibits speech impairment.Although his mobility has improved with Physiotherapy, he is confined to wheelchair.He is depressed to be in an aged care setting, which may slow down his recovery. Currently, he is able to use computer, which elicits the possibility of resuming his part time study.

Mr Maydew was a physical education student at the university of South Australia prior to the accident. He was a keen mountain climber and surfer. He has a well supportive mother and sister.

Pertaining to the above details, it would be appreciated if you could take over the care of Mr Maydew and provide him follow-up care and assistance. Kindly ensure the ongoing speech therapy and physiotherapy. It is profoundly beneficial to consider the necessity in continuing his online studies.

If you require further information regarding Mr Maydew, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered Nurse


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