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QQ-3295. Ms Patricia Styles - Nursing – Ansu Baby – Relapse - Pericarditis


Emergency doctor on duty

Newton hospital

Coxner street

Newtown 1104

Dear sir/madam,

Re:Ms Patricia styles,aged 63

I am writing to refer Ms Patricia styles,who is suspected to have relapse complication of pericarditis. She requires your emergency assessment and management. She is being transferred today.

On 7 April 2018, ms styles was admitted to the green valley hospital with chest pain,shortness of breath and tiredness. She underwent multiple investigations,which confirmed type B influenza plus pericortilits. Her condition was managed with intravenous saline and antibiotics. She was discharged on 09 April 2018 with follow up home visits.

Today,during hone visit, Ms styles was unwell and she complaints of chest pain while sitting along with shortness of breath and fortigue. On examination he vital signs recorded as temparature 38, heart rate 122, respiration 28 and blood pressure 180/90.

Ms styles lives alone. She has had diabetes mellitus since 2009 for which she takes metformin and glipiziode. She is on tablet carpinol since 2012 for hypertension. She has depression after her husband Demice and she attends councillings for mood swings and diabetes mellitus management.

In view of the above,it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide an emergency assessment and management.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Registered nurse.

1. Ms Patricia Styles - Ansu Baby


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