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QQ-3248 Ms olivia Jack - Nursing – Rinu Shajan – Emergency Caesarian Section



Community child Health Service

South bank


Victoria 3006

Dear sir/madam,

Re: Ms olivia Jack

DOB:04 May 2000

I am writing to regarding Ms Olivia Jack, who require home visit for followup care and monitoring from your service.She underwent a caesarean section and delivered a baby on 10 June 2019.Both mother and baby will discharge today.

Ms Jack is a 19years old single mother, who lives in a rental shared flat with another women. She has no contact with father of child since 9 months.She is isolated and feels insecure . She is not confident for taking care of baby and even for breast feeding. Inaddition to that, she have a concern regarding the baby for adoption.

The baby born with the birth weight of 3.9kg and is healthy.Moreover, there were no complication during caesarean section. Ms Jack had mild loss of blood due to postpartum haemorrhage. However presently ,her blood loss is minimal.For this reason,she is commenced on FEFOL VIT SPANSULE(Iron supplement)and Vitamin C

Upon today's assessment,the weight of the baby at the time of discharge is 3.5kg.Apart from this the mother appears to be reluctant to breastfeed the baby and offering bottle feeding.

It would be appreciated, if you could arrange home visit care and followup as well as kindly arrange a counseling section for Ms jack.Also, she requires assistance for newborn care.

If you have any quire's,please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse


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