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QQ-3219 Mr Craig Hemsworth - Nursing – Ann Mary – Tonic Clonic Seizure


Dr Ceawlin Jones

68Riverside Clinic



Dear Dr Jones,

Re: Mr Craig Hemsworth, aged 52

I am writing to refer Mr Hemsworth,who has been diagnosed with Tonic Clonic Seizure. He is being discharged today and requires your follow up consultation.

Mr Hemsworth was admitted to this emergency department after a fainting episode and unconsciousness. His wife reported that his arms and legs were jerking and turned blue colour before regained consciousness. He was diagnosed with Tonic Clonic Seizure.Please nite that he has regular episode of headache after the car accident.

During hospitalization, CT scan and EEG were performed .Subdural hematoma and epileptical features were noted.Mr Hemsworth was commenced on various medications. It is necessary to continue anti convulsant medication along with antihypertensive drugs. Currently, he is anxious about discharge.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could instruct Mr Hemsworth about the importance of safety band , rest and healthy diet. Please advice him to avoid driving and sternous activities. Kindly teach his wife to monitor for any relapse. Please note ,he is due for follow up visit and anti convulsant therapy.

Thank you for accepting the care of Mr Hemsworth.If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Ward Nurse


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