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QQ-3212 Mr Gerald Baker - Nursing – Dayana Sheeba – Left Total Hip Replacement


Ms Samantha Bruin

Senior Nurse

Greywalls Nursing Home

27 Station Road


7 September 2018

Dear Ms Bruin,

Re: Mr Gerald Baker,aged 79 years

I am writing to update the current health status of Mr Baker,who has been underwent left hip surgery.He is scheduled for discharge today and now requires continuing care.

Mr Baker postoperatively, had disoriented due to an anaesthetic effect and his hb was dropped to 72gm/dl.Forwhich,3units of packed red blood cells were transfused. Currently, his hb is stable. He is on ramipril 5mg in the morning, panadiene forte 2 tablets 4 times daily as required and Aspirin 100mg in the morning recommenced after surgery.Other than these, he is able to walks with the help of wheelie-walker.

Mr Baker, requires daily dressing changes to preserve his skin integrity. Please ensure his medication compliance. Encourage and assess his exercise program along with occupational therapy. Please note that, his stables to be removed on 21st September. In addition he has follow up FBE and UEC tests at City Hospital clinic.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge nurse

City Hospital .


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