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QQ-3175. Mrs Fenna lisa - Nursing – Manpreet Kaur – Adenocarcinoma


Dr stevenson


Rayal Darwin Hospital Rock land Drive tiwi

PO Box 41326 Casuarinas Nt 0811

22 January 2010

Dear Stevenson,

Re: Mrs Fenna lise, DOB. 6 January 1964

I am writing to refere Mrs Fenna Lisa, who was diagnosed with tumor on lumbar spine, requires an oncolagy assessment and pallative care at your facility.

Mrs Lisa was presented the hospital on 22 January 2010 with the complaints of severe low back pain which was radiating down sack of the leg. On assessment, pain was distributed in thigh, knee and leg. On examination bone scan and CT scan were revealed that tumor spread to lumbare Spine. As a result, radiotherapy was given to control pain.

On 13 April 2009, she was presented with lump in the right breast. Her vital signs were normal. On assessment, 1.5cm lump was found on upper quardent of right breast. As a result Breast cancer was diagnosed for which the underwent the mammagram and core biopsy.

On subsequent days, She was concerned about the posibility of cancer. On examination solid lump, maligilant cells and adenocarcinoma were confirimed. Adenocarcinoma was treated with surgery and radiotherapy. post operatively general Condition was good and greade 2 adenocarcina was fully recovered.

Based on aforementioned circumstances proper oncology assessment and palliative care would be beneficial for Mrs Liza

If require additional information, please Contact me.

Your Sincerely,

Charge nurse

4. Fenna Lisa - Manpreet Kaur


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