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QQ-3159. Mr Shannon Warne - Nursing – Punitha Franklin – Pelvis Fracture


Good evening sir

Punitha Franklinal

Ms Su Yin Lee

Sister incharge

Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

695 Hampstead Road

Greenacres 5029

14 June 2007

Dear Ms Lee,

Re : Mr Shannon Warne,aged 23

Mr Shannon Warne , has been recovering from probable permanent neurological damage due to fracture pelvis . He requires further rehabilitative care and management from your facility.He is being discharged today.

Mr Warne was admitted to the hospital on 06 April 2007 following a car accident, which , affected his mobility, speech and memory areas . During hospitalization,he has been initiated with daily physiotherapy, hydrotherapy for two weeks along with speech therapy three weeks . On subsequent days,he was started to mobilize with wheelchair; however,he requires high level of care . Bedsore noted, but improving due to increased mobility.

Mr Warne is a third year architectual student . He is single and lives in shared flat . His parents are willing to care him , when he even thallu returns home . Currently

Currently he is eligible for disability pension .

In view of the above, if you could assist him with his self care activities and interests to treat his depression. Kindly contact his university for possible continuation of his studies externally . Please encourage him to contact with people of his own age if there is communicate access .

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information regarding Mr Warne .

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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