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QQ-3148. Mr Nick Daniel - Nursing – Jyothi Sridhar – Right Total Hip Replacement

Mr Joel Ortner


City Med Physiotherapy Centre

8 Albert Street

Dubbo NSW

26 July 2019

Dear Mr Nick Daniel, aged 68

Thank you for seeing Mr Daniel, who has been recuperating from a right total hip replacement surgery. He requires physical therapy to regain mobility following his discharge today.

On 13th May 2019, Mr Daniel was presented with complaints of excruciating pain in the right hip and knee. Upon examination, decreased internal rotation and flexion of the right hip was evident. An x-ray revealed degenerative changes in the right hip which confirmed the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Consequently, tablet indomethacin 50 mg thrice daily was commenced.

One month later, Mr Daniel represented with increased pain in the right hip, decreased range of motion and unable to bear weight was recorded. Cessation of indomethacin six weeks ago was reported. Thus, indomethacin 50 mg was recommenced.

Subsequently, Mr Daniel's condition deteriorated. Hence, a right hip replacement surgery was performed.

Postoperatively, uneasiness in the right hip area was registered. Additionally, prone to dislocation. Hence, physiotherapy was initiated.

Upon discharge, assisting in weight-bearing exercises, walking with the use of crutches as well, using the stairs safely after his full recovery would be greatly appreciated.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances further management and evaluation would be profoundly beneficial in Mr Daniel's recovery. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Ward Nurse



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