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QQ-3144. Ms Jane Robinson - Nursing – Nidhesh Arora – Postpartum Depression


MA Rachel Anderson

The Community Nurse

Community Nursing Services

30 September 2021

Re: MS Jane Robinson, DOB: 26/10/1988

Dear MS Anderson,

Ms Robinson has been discharged from the hospital three days ago after giving birth to a healthy baby boy, who requires domiciliary care.

Ms Robinson has separated from her Child’s father and lives alone;therefore, she is concerned about caring of the baby by herself. Her parents were informed but they are unable to visit due to some reasons. She was being assisted for the past week under her insurance policy ;however, she has to back to work and unable to take care of her baby due to long day working hours.

On her fourth postpartum day, baby was observed crying constantly ;therefore, her mother detected regretting her decision to have the baby and was unable to cope up with the situation. The time of return home, the house was noticed untidy and disorganised badly.

Today, on her seventh day of postpartum, the baby’s weight was checked which has decreased since the discharge. The baby is experiencing diarrhoea also looks pale and lethargic. it has been also noticed that he is too sleepy during breastfeed.

My concern is that Mr Robinson looks distressed and restless kindly arranged a mental health nurse to do emotional assessment and who can support her in bonding and caring for her child.

Child’s general health and weight needs to be monitored.

Helping aids needs to be provided on priority basis in order to support her in household duties.

it would be appreciated if you can provide her above-mentioned facilities.

if you need any further information don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your sincerely,

Home Nurse


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