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QQ-3131. Mrs Jane Lapaglia - Nursing – Shakila David – Pneumonia


28 April 2011

The charge Nurse

Boronia Nursing Home


Dear charge Nurse ,

Re : Mrs Jane Lapaglia, aged 71

I am writing to transfer Mrs Jane Lapaglia who requires continuation of care at your facility following her discharge today and she is diagnosed with pneumonia and Renal failure.

Mrs Lapaglia lives in a house with her husband who is not coping with his and patient needs. Their house looks untidy and both have poor hygiene and nutrition. Her son visits every Tuesday and Sunday of the week and she has mild dementia.

On 04 March 2011, Mrs Lapaglia was admitted in Comatose stage , therefore she was ventilated in ICU for 7 days and she acquired pneumonia. So, she was started on oxygen therapy , still she required two litres of oxygen via nasal prongs . In addition, she was treated with dialysis to decrease urea and creatinine, but stable now. During family conference , they agreed to move to nursing home including adjoining hostel for her husband.

Upon discharge plan, it would be greatly appreciated if you could continue oxygen therapy as per her saturation level. Kindly encourage her to do independently in self-care and ensure adequate hydration to improve renal function . Of note , repeat electrolyte , especially urea and creatinine test weekly.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to me .

Yours sincerely

Charge Nurse

Prince Albert Hospital


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