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QQ-3126. Ms Kylie Weiss - Nursing – Adari Prashanthi – Myocardial Infarction


Ms Linda Gold

Social Worker

Gold Social Services

478,Collins Street


09 July 2017

Re:Ms Kylie Weiss,D.O.B:21/05/1952

Dear Ms Gold,

I am writing to refer Ms Weiss, who requires eligibility assessment for acquiring benefits from the Australian Government Department of Human Services as she is recuperating from MI as well as restricted to work for 6 weeks,and is being discharged today.

On 07 July 2017,she was admitted with symptoms of heaviness in forearms,constant discomfort and furtherly diagnosed as Myocardial Infarction for which Angioplasty was performed.Presently her cardiac status was stable with management of pain,cardiac exercises and also reviewed by dietician instructing to reduce weight and cholesterol levels.

Ms Weiss was married , works as a taxi driver in mixed shifts , her husband was an aged pensioner.She is overweight and had a history of mild asthma, oesteoarthritis and dyslipidaemia moreover family history shows diagnosis of MI in family members.

A referral to Cardiac rehabilitation along with Occupational Therapist was recommended in order to have good medication compliance, risk factor management to prevent MI as well as to manage activities of her daily living.

Based on the above ,Ms Weiss was very concerned about managing her condition at home with husbands pension. In this situation it is greatly appreciated if you can assess her eligibility for sickness allowance or any other benefits from Government services .

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and the address of Ms Weiss was attached to the letter .

Yours sincerely

Registered nurse

Cardiology Unit

St Luke’s hospital



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