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QQ-3117 Ms Tabitha Taborlin - Nursing – Reshma Raju – Diabetic Ketoacidosis


Dr Hank Farquod

Diabetes Educator

Endocrine Specialists and Associates,

115 Bunke St. Omaha.

12 October 2021

Re: Ms Tabitha Taborlin, aged 45

Ms Tabitha Taborlin has been diagnosed with Diabetic keto acidosis, who requires stirct glycemic control and education about insulin admistration under your supervision following her discharge today.

On her First visit, her glucose was 580mm/L for which IV fluids and insulin were commenced then she was discharged with stable Hb A.C. Ms Taborlin was on 45 units of Lanta based correctional scale of right and Homalog 12 unit on nutritional baseline however she was not followying recommended insulin along with diet. Discussed with herbregarding the importance of glucose testing, insulin administration, smoking cessation and complications of diabetes subsequently, provided pamphlets and refined homalog lanta pen also.

She had had essential hypertension and her body weight was 48kg. She smokes 2 cigarattes daily and not on exercise. She is a school teacher who lives alone apartment.

Inview of the above, you are kindly request to monitoring about strict glycemic control and possible insulin pump. Please note that there is a follow up appointment with in one month. Your special concern is

highly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me for further queries.

Yours sincerely

OR Nurse

Family Medical Practice.


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