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QQ-3053. Ms Patricia Cooper- Nursing – Bincy Robin – Aspiration


The Dietician

Zenhealth Nutrition And Dietetics

North Terrace and Frome Road

Centenary Building

Level Adelaide

SA 5000

Dear Sir/ Madam

Re: Ms. Patricia Cooper Aged: 67

The purpose of this letter is to request an urgent assesment of Swall owing function and Nutritional staus of Ms. Patricia Cooper, due to high risk of aspiration your care and assesment is recommended.

Ms. Cooper, has been commenced on Keflex 500mg, 3 days for chest imfection. She had episodes of shortness of breadth along with increased sporadic throad eleaung after intake of food items with milk content. On 11 March 2019, as the food remain unchewed she had episodes of choking during breakfast therefore she turned distress.

With regards to her medical history, Ms. Cooper, had diabetes from past six years. Ms.Cooper, has gained eight kilos consequently has increase in appetite.

She has been suffering from cholecystectomy since 15 years. She is a non smoker. Baby's apgar score was 8 at 5minutes and 0.2 resuscitation for few minutes in addition, the baby had foetal distress.

It would be appreciated, to arrange home visit, and follow up care for Ms.Jack. It would be appreciated to provide assistance single mother's pension.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Charge Nurse.


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