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QQ 1215.Mrs. Charlotte Price - Letter - Priya Thomas


Ms. Leyla Ward

Community Nurse

Ashton Health Center


04 December 2018

Dear Ms. Ward

Re: Mrs. Charlotte price , DOB : 04 August 1932

Mrs. Charlotte price, who has been recovering from concussion episode, requires home visit for assistance and supportive care from your end following the discharge home today.

On 2nd December, Mrs. Price was admitted with the complaints of loss of consciousness following a fall at home. Neurological examination and CT scan was unremarkable. However , continue close neurological observation for 48 hours nevertheless recommended. During this story was noticed untreated ingrown infected right toe nail. He was cleaned and wound dressing was applied. Therefore, antibiotics and analgesics were recommended.

Mrs. Price, needs to visit from community nurse 2 times a week requires assistance for showering and dressing. Provide education regarding personal and foot hygiene. Encourage her to take adequate rest and medication to be continued. In order to maintain skin integrity advised to clean and change wound dressing 2 times a week . Moreover, she has high risk of fall.

Mrs. Price these above is a retired postal worker. Her husband demised 14 years age, has 2 children both of them are doctors residing in a 3 bedroom flat. Reluctant for relatives wanted to live independently . Ambulating with stick history pf infected nail and Gastroentitis related to poor hygiene refusing to visit GP on Ramipliril 10 mg for Hypertension since 20years.

Based on the above circumstances regular visits and ongoing management of Mrs. Price's condition would be extremely beneficial.

In case you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse.


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