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QQ 1212.Amina Erika - Letter - Rihana


The Duty Register

Emergency Pediatric Unit

Brisbane General hospital

140 Grange Road

Kelvin Grove

Old 4222

14th October 2010

Dear Registrar,

Re: Amina Erica , aged 8

I am writing to refer Amina , who has been diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis, requites your evolution and management at your facility.

Intially on 9th October, Amina was brought with the complaints of fever, rhinorrhea , mild cough and poor appetite vitals were normal and no significant changes were noted. It was diagnosed as viral infection, conservative treatment was given. Educated in refrain from school. However, she visited after three days with some symptoms along with Lethargic , continuous headache, fever had controlled by paracetamol as a result tablet before 20mg was prescribed. Blood investigations were ordered advised to followup after two days along with reports.

On today's visit her general condition is detoriated it was apparently noted with lethargic and listless, also reported warned headache and vanity. Examination revealed high grade fever, tachycardie. Additionally Macule popular rashes rated over the lower extremities with noticeable neck stiffness. Blood repeats showed drastically high level of WBC count therefore injection penicillin given as slot dose.

Amina and her family are refuges fro, Somalia, currently they hold Australian Citizenship. Amina and her father able to understood English whereas her mother has limited understanding.

Based on the above circumstances Amina necessities extended care and treatement on the account of her ageing medical needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further queries.

Yours faithfully,


Kelvin Grove Medical Centre.


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