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QQ 1185. Amina Erica - Letter - Smitha Kantha


The Duty Register

Emergency Pediatric unit

Brisbane General Hospital

140 Grand Road

Kelvin Grove

QLD , 4222

14 October 2010

Dear register

Re : Amina Erica

I am writing this letter to refer Amina Erica , who has been diagnosed with menengococcal meningitis and needs an urgent admission in your emergency paediatric unit for further investigation and management .

High greade of fever runny nose, mild cough , loss of appetite was observed on examination . Also, paracetamol was not effective to control the fever.

History of viral infection , lethergic ,two episodes of vomiting , worse headache were reported by her parents .

The count of WBC was 18000 in addition to that temperature 40.2c ,pulse 110/ min , macular popular rashes rest all over the legs and sever neck stiffness were marked.Injection penicillin stat dose iv given.

She has history of appendectomy 2 year ago and no allergies were reported .

Amina and her family are refuges from somalia and they have Australian citizenship, all of them understand english except her mother who has basic under standing of English .

Parents were very concerned and worried. Based on the above circumstances , immediate evaluation and treatment of ereicas conditions would be extremely beneficial .

Yours sincerely

Sr Jasmine

Kelvin grove medical center

53 goma road

Kelvin grove



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