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QQ 1162.Mr. Darwish Woods - Letter -Prabhjeet Kaur


Ms smith brown

Head of nursing

Rehabilitation center

Brisbane QLD

Australian 4001

29 may 2021

Dear ms brown

Re: Mr Darwish Woods, aged 77

Mr darwish woods, who has been recuperating from coronary artery bypass graft surgery, requires rehabilitalive care for next 3 weeks, is being transferred into your facility today.

following operation , intraveous antibiotics , analgesics and antithrombolytic agent, along with chest tube insite for driange were provided during ICU stay for first 24 hours. dressing at graft site was performed. on 25 may , mr woods was transferred to ward where chest tube was removed . brufen was perscribed for pain relieve over chest and shoulder.

in addition , daily physiatherapy including deep breath exercise and walking for 4-5 meters per day is advised. exercise data sheet is also provided . evaluation of incision site and chest is required. regular dressing on wound twice a week is recommended . heavy lifting of weight is rescticted. a carer and meals on request should be arranged before discharge to home, as mrs woods is reparted blind. a follow up visit is scheduled on 7 june 2021 and sutures will be removed after 2 weeks.

mr woods has had arthritis high cholesteral and hypertension since 2007, 2002, and 2011 respectively for which he has been taking paracetamal 1gm every 4 hourly , atorvastation once daily and perindopril once daily .

based on above mentioned circumstances , supervision and mangement of mr woods condition would be greatly appriciated.

in case if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

yours sincerely

post operative ward


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