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QQ 1161.Mrs. Jasmine Thompson - Letter - Sangita Devi


Mr. Nita Robererts

Home Nurse

In-Home Nursing services

79 Beachside street


15 July 2018

Dear Ms. Robererts

Re: Mrs. Jasmine Thompson, aged 76

Thankyou for accepting Mrs. Thompson, who underwent right total shoulder replacement is being discharged today. She requires your regular supervision and an ongoing appropriate management.

Mrs. Thompson was admitted to hospital due to decrease mobility and decreased ability to carry out activity of daily living, post- operatively, commenced on pandemic forte , applied cold compress. She is complaint with physiotherapy. On examination the wound and the drain site noted clean and dry. Adviced to avoid lifting for 4 weeks.

She is widow, living in single storey house. She has had right shoulder osteoarthritis on conservative treatment which was not benefited.

Mrs. Thompson was highly recommended for cold compress, shoulder brace 4 hours per day and exercise as per TSR protocol was explained. Please note , she has an appointment for physiotherapy and referral to community hydrotherapy. In addition to that she is due for staple removal and follow-up appointment in orthopaedic joint replacement out patient department after 10 days. For your kind information orthopaedic joint replacement nurse specialist is available monday to friday for any concerns. Based on the above circumstances, assistances with showering and administration of dexane will be extremely beneficial. Regular observation and expert management is required. If you have further queries do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse.


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