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QQ 1158.Ms. Mary Bell - Letter - Priya Thomas


Ms jane rudik

the community nurse

newtown community health center


15 july 2018

Dear ms rudik

Re: ms mary bell, aged 66

ms mary bell who has been recovering from infected left foot ulcer, secondary to unstable diabetes mellitus requires continiuing care and support from your facility . following her discharge today.

on 24 june ms bell was admitted with the complaints of infected left foot ulcer.(her past medical history reveals non - insulin- dependent for the past 15 years.) it was cleaned with normal saline and wound dressing was applied . consequently , amorycillin/ clavulanate,[ angmentin duo forte] 875/125 mg oral twice daliy was commenced . however monitering of wound margins . signs of compications and progress of healing was highly recommended.

hypoglycemic medications such as diabex 850 mg three times daily and glimel 5 mg daily were administered and tobe continued with the regular observation of blood sugar level. that difficulty with self administration of hypoglycemic medication, poor dietry management and after retirement increased alcohol consumption were reported respectively . therefore, regular moderate exercise and involvement in social activites to produce income, and overall life style modification were encouraged.

based on the above circumstances your regular monitoring of ms bell's condition would be extremely beneficial . in case you require any additional information . please do not hesitate to contact me .

yours sincerely

registered nurse

the newtown community hospital


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