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QQ 1148.Ms. Jane Simms - Letter - Prabhjeeth Kaur


ms caroline d'souza

social worker

kamat hospital

10 august 2019

dear ms d'souza,

Re: mrs molly edwards, aged 77

ms molly edwards, who was diagnozed wit chromic eronchitis with pleurisy, requires home visits for medication compliences following her discharge today.

on 01 august 2019 , ms edward was admitted with complaints of breathing difficulty and productive cough . physical examination revealest temperature 34.2c and blood pressure was 192/199 mm hg which supplementary oxygen was administered. bronchudilator such as ventolin 5 mg when nectest and asthalin 2 mg twice daily was commenced to manage dyspnen, consequently , deep breathing exercise was initiated . health education was provided regarding cessation of smoking and the importance of bow carbohydrate diet along with regular exercise were suggested.

Buseel on the above mentioned circumstances , regular monitoring of medication compliance would be extremely beneficial . it would be highly appreciated if you could help with hours hold requirement . on monday regular schedule weekly follow up for medications changes by gp a monthly review with the hospital chest physician has been scheduled .


please do not hesitate to contact me for further queries.

yours sincerely.

Charge nurse

South eastern rehabilitation hospital


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