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QQ 1126. Mrs. Delma Eggleston - Letter - Reena Nancy


Dr. Andrew Kretser


City Hospital

27 High Road


11 June 2021

Dear Dr. Kretser,

Re: Mrs. Delmo Eggleston, DOB: 18 March 1972

I am referring Mrs. Delma Eggleston who is diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer, for further evaluation and appropriate treatement.

Today, Mrs. Egglestan presented to clinic with the complaint of shortness of breath. Persistent coughing and pain in the chest which radiates to the back and shoulder. On examination, changes in voice harsh bounds during each breath including changes in colour and volume of sputum were noted. Services of investigation were initiated or one of which computer tomography revealed thw diagnosis of 5.5 cm tumor size has metastrised across lymph nodes. Currently, the condition is unstable.

Mrs. Eggleston leads a mediocre life. She has bad type- 2 diabetic mellitus, hypertion and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease since 2009-2019 repectively fro which she takes routine medication of Metformin 500 mg thrice and Ramipril 5 mg daily.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, assessment and proper treatement for Mrs. Eggleston would be extremely beneficial.

If you require any additional information. Please donot hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Westend After Hours General Practice Clinic.


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