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QQ 1122. Mr. Alan Marco - Letter - Nusrat Mujeeb


Dr. Cyril John

Local General Practitioner

The Hail Land Medical Clinic


New Zealand

20 July 2019

Dear Dr. Johan

Re: Mr. Alan Marco, aged 38

I am writing this urgent request to you for consultation one of our client Mr. Alan who had diagnosed localized right external ear infection and uncontrolled blood sugar level.

Mr. Marco came to our resort with his wife for two week of vacation he had scuba diving and swimming on regularly.

He had sever earpain, tenderness, swelling and reelness in his right ear canal on his examination vital signs are normal. He had been suffer with severe pain from five days. In additional his blood sugar was uncontrollable. He had been alone sef intervention which was ineffective, he took paracetamol and inserted cotton swab in his ear.

Mr. Alan had type -1 DM, depended on insuline . He is a chain smoker. Many time tried to cease but fail. Advised has been given to him refrain from swimming and not inserte cotton ball in his ear. Monitor blood sigar level or daily bases.

Based on mentation above all information, Mr. Alan requires urgent consultation and assessment for formal diagnosis and review his insuline therapy. If needed increases insuline. If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact with me.

Yours sincerely

Nurse of Holiday resort

Bayline road


New Zealand.


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