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QQ 1081. Ms. Anne Ellis - Letter - Romila Mal

Updated: Aug 2, 2021


Mr Paul Ferris


Summer seat nursing Home

Garden street

Berry Town

16 June 2018

Dear mr Ferris

Re: Mrs Annie Ellis, aged 76

Mrs Ellis , who has been diagnosed with bilateral multiple renal calculi and moderate bilateral hydronephrosis . She transferred back to your facility for continue care and management.

Mrs Ellis was admitted on 12 June , 2018 with intense pain on left joint and groine radiating to lower lack observed with exercises sweating and vomiting. Urine analysis indicates hematuria with no infection vital sign within normal limits . Computerized tomography performed which shows result obstructing pelviuretric function calculaus patient was treated for pain, vomiting and dehydration with 4 diclofenac, 4 metaclopramide and 4 fluid intake . Tamsolusion 8mg b.d commenced to help in passage of calculus.

Mrs Ellis has no history of medical illness . She is non smoker and non alcoholic. Allergiec to tramadol . Socially she is a retired teacher and living on pension. Her reactions are playing paker, current news and watching television particular sport channel, moreover she was a non professional tennis player till 2005 .

Mrs Ellis was managed well during her stay , pain is sub-sided. Seen by urologist according to him stone probably pass within 1-2 weeks. Now fit for discharge with continue medication with tamsulosin and paracetamol and follow up in output cut department with urologist on 20 July.

Based on above mentioned information she is being transferred back to nursing home for monitoring of medications compliance of fluid intake and urine output check for presence of stone dectician review required.

If you have any further inquiry please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Charge nurse

Medical ward

Berry Town public hospital

24 beech road

Berry Town.


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