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EE7. Timothy Patterson


Dr Jean Dane

Family General Practitioner

641 North Welch Street

South Wales


14 July 2019

Re: Mr Timothy Patterson, who was admitted with deep lacerations on the lower left arm. He requires cardiac assessment and appropriate management for hypertension followed his discharge today.

During hospitalization, regular wound dressing was performed. Consequently, prophylactic antibiotics were commenced. He has made a excellent progress in his condition. Therefore, on 03 July discharged and advised to visit the outpatient clinic.

On 04 July 2019, Mr Patterson readmitted with the complaints of severe pain and mild hematoma.His pain level on pain scale of 8/10 was recorded. On assessment, elevated blood pressure of 190/88 mmHg were disclosed. On subsequent visit, despite excellent recovery of wound, his blood pressure was still elevated which is 190/84mmHg, 196/86mmHg in sitting and supine position respectively. On examination, he was suspected of orthostatic hypertension.

Based on above mentioned circumstances, it would be beneficial if cardiac assessment is performed.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

Welshire Hospital


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