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AG.03. Pooja Thapa - Mr Alferd Billy


Community health nurse

Carewell hospital


5 May 2010

Dear community nurse

Re: Mr Alfred Billy, aged 52

I am referring Mr alfred Billy who is diagnosed with skin cancer that is basal cell carcinoma and nodular basal cell carcinoma on his neck. Following which he underwent operation recently and now do to transfer into your facility until the complete recovery.

Mr Billy was admitted on 21 March 2010. You was a truck driver by profession and had the habit of consuming liquor for past 30 years. Additionally, she was a a cigarette smoker. He was hospitalized for skin biopsy and CCB removal was done. Mild wound infection was noted along with the breakdown and suture reactions. Furthermore, there is a query about the incomplete excision. At present, there is no position swelling and normal healing process is observed. At present, he is on analgesic tablet forte 500 mg.

As per the doctor's order, he will be on his medication for another one more week and daily observation until he is fit to the discharge from your centre. Therefore, it would be e greatly appreciated for the further management. Kindly feel free to contact me, if required for further information.

Yours faithfully,

Charge Nurse.


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