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AF.35. Sawroop Hundal - Mr Gerald Baker


Ms Samantha Bruin

Senior Nurse

Greywalls Nursing Home

27 Station Road


7th September 2018

Dear Ms Bruin

Re: Mr Gerard Baker, aged 79

Mr Gerard Baker,who was admitted to the hospital on 3rd September 2018with the diagnosis of deteriorated osteoarthritis for which he underwent total hip replacement.He has been recovering well but requires ongoing care and assistance from your facility following discharged today.

Post operatively, Mr Baker commenced on aspirin and Panadeine Forte 100mgand according to need(upto 8 tablets maximum) for hypertension and pain respectively. Daily dressing at incision site was performed. Moreover his stitches needs to be removed after two weeks. Occupational therapy and stitching and strengthing range of motion exercises were initiated for early ambulation.On examination, Mr Baker's assessment revealed disorientation of time and place after the surgery and his hemoglobin level was also reduced. Consequently, three units of red blood cells was transfused.

At present, Mr Baker able to walk a short distance with the help of walker. Therefore, a wheelie walker and wedge pillow has arranged by our facility and a social worker has supplied a toilet raiser for two weeks on hire.

Based on the above mentioned circumstances, Mr Baker requires regular assessment on medication compliance,exercise plans and maintenance of skin health. It would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange assistance for his early mobility.

If you require any additional information, please di not hesitate to contact me.

Your faithfully

Charge Nurse


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