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AF.31. Rinu Sara - Mr Amir Akbari


22 April 2011

Charge Nurse

Prince Henry Rehabilitation Centre

Malabar Bay

Dear Charge Nurse,

Re:Mr.Amir Akbari,aged 41years

I am writing to transfer Mr Akbari into your care for rehabilitation and continuing care from your service.He is been diagnosed with Guillain -Barre Syndrome. He will be discharged today.

During hospitalization, he had rapid deterioration and required ventilation in icu for three days.At the peak of GBS,he is not able to move limbs independently. However, now he is having decreased muscle tone and needs assistance in ADL along with that he can walk slowly with frame.In addiction to that, Mr Akbari had regular plasmapharesis and IV gammaglobulin for five days.

Mr.Akbari diagnosed with PTSD due to trauma in mid 80's because of that he is prone to get depression and anxiety. Presently he is having concern about his prospects.Mr Akbari is not coping with financial, study and childcare pressure.

Upon discharge,It would be greatly appreciated if you could continue his Physiotherapy programme and encourage him to do his own limb exercises. Please note, he requires psychiatric assessment.His oxygen level is currently stable on room air but he requires continues observation for decreased respiratory status and increased neurological signs. Please ensure that social worker is aware of family and Mrs Akbari's stress.Kindly please note,he requires halal diet.

If you have any queries,please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Charge Nurse


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