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AE.40. Nycy Mathew - Ms Sheila Cartwright


30 April 2017

Mrs Edith Penny Community Nurse

Freemont Community Health Centre


Dear Mrs Penny,

Re:MsSheilaCartwright,aged 69

I am Writing to refer Ms Sheila Cartwright who requires an overall life-style modifications following her discharge today. She has been diagnosed with unstable diabetes mellitus and small infected ulcer of leff foot.

Mrs Cartwright was admitted to hospital on April 2017 due to uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and infected ulcer. During hospitalization ,she has been commenced on Augmentin Duo Forte ,125 orally twice daily which need to review after completion.Daily saline dressing of ulcer as well as wound margin monitoring also was performed.

Mrs Cartwright is a retired pensioner and lives alone.Since retirement, her alcohol intake increased markedly and dietary quality deteriorated. She has non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus for the past nine years for which she takes Metformin 800mg thrice daily and Glibenclamide 5 mg daily which need to continue after the discharge. She reports difficulty in self administration of hypoglycemiac medications along with lack of outside socializing interests.

Pertaining to the above, it would be appreciated if you could take over the case of Ms Cartwright and provide her assistance in managing condition. It is beneficial to monitor signs of complications, healing process, medication compliance and blood sugar levels. Kindly encourage moderate exercise programs in order to establish social activities. Assessment in her diet and alcohol intake is recommended whereas income producing activities need to establish as her pension is insufficient.

If you have any queries regarding Ms Cartwright, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered Nurse


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