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AE.39. Vignana Jyothi - Mr Jeffery Thompson


The Community Health Nurse

Parkholme Community Health Centre

Park Holme

SA 5047

8 September 2019

Dear Community Health Nurse

Re: Mr Jeffery Thompson, aged 70

Mr Thompson, who was admitted with infected wound of the left total knee replacement needs continuing care at your facility following the discharge today.

Mr Thompson, who is recuperating well has been treated with intravenous antibiotic, analgesics and daily dressing initially which has been later changed to vac dressing. Presently the wound is progressing to heal with excellent control over diabetes which subsequently assisted to ambulate. Has prosthesis to right leg for below knee amputation 3 years ago as a consequence of diabetic foot but coping well, being independent mobilizing with the help of a stick to attend activities of daily living and uses wheel chair for long distances

Mr Thompson is a financially stable retired store keeper who resides in his own 2 bed-roomed house is divorced, has no contact with family and has very few friends. In spite of being diabetic and hypertensive consumes eight to ten beers and smokes at least 20 cigarettes per day.

Upon discharge, the Stipulated activities include: daily check and change of dressing weekly must be performed, medication compliance in management of diabetes along with administration of IVAB has to be continued. Close observation for undergoing anxiety of losing another leg has to be monitored, community support for shopping and gardening is needed. A scheduled appointment after three weeks is already been fixed for follow-up and changes in treatment if needed.

Based on the aforementioned condition, appropriate management would be extremely beneficial to improve Mr Thompson’s health condition. In case any additional information required kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully



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