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AE.19. Navtej Kaur - Miss Holly Ann


05 May,2019

Dr Kirran Halford

General Practitioner

Casterton VIC


Re : Miss Holly Ann, aged 6

Dear Dr Halford,

I am writing to refer Holly who had potential hypoxic brain injury due to near drowning.she needs further care and management from your facility following her discharge today.

On admission, Holly was brought by Paramedics and was having chaotic, pulseless, apneic, along with fixed and dilated pupils symptoms.Her tympanic temperature was 26.7 C .Therefore, pediatric ventilated was used and spontaneous circulation was commenced.

On subsequent days , her condition improved and was transferred from ICU to general ward, but slurred speech and difficulty in concentrating was noticed, for which speech and cognitive therapies were commenced.

Her communication and concentration was improving with help of therapies; however, she still has some slurred speech.Her parents are concerned about permanent speech and cognitive effects. Even though neurological examinations were unremarkable, for that she needs more tests to check for delayed.

Upon discharge, her parents were advised to give paracetamol for headaches and monitor her cough and concentration, if these get worse return to hospital immediately.

Given the above, it would be greatly appreciated if could take over of Holly and monitor her condition and provide further care. Please note, she has another neurologist tests for neuropsychological, visual spatial and IQ in one week.

Should you require further information, please don not hesitate to contact me.

Charge Nurse

Medical ward

Northpark Private Hospital


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