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AE.16. Maithily Reghunath - Mr George Palostive


Ms Lenny Karoles

Tissue Viability Nurse

Community Medical Centre

17 judges Rd, Melbourne

22 July 2019

Dear Ms Karoles,

Re: Mr George Palostive, aged90

This letter is being written to request a home visit to Mr Palostive, who underwent wound debridement. He requires regular wound dressing as he is being discharged today.

Mr Palostive is a bedridden patient, who has been visitesd by me for showering, medication and feeding at his residence. He has had Diabetes Mellitus since 1985 and is on regular insulin 15 units in the morning and 10 units at night. He has undergone angioplasty and right leg amputation in 2010 and 2015 respectively.

He is on nefedipine 20 mg, bd, frusemide 40 mg, bd and zetril 10 mg, od.

On 20 June 2019, Mr Palostive complained that, he has small blister over his right buttock. On examination, his skin appeared red and warmth with superficial wound. Dressing was done with barrier product.

As he has incontinence of bowel and bladder, catheterization was done with the advice of a GP.

During my visit after one month, his wound was not healed and the deep wound was coverd with pus and slough. Pressure resistant mattress provided and referred to hospital for wound debridement. His wound was irrigated with prontosan and packed with aquacel and tegaderm. You are requested to do the dressing with same material until the wound healed.

It would be greateful if you could regularly monitor his skin and wound until free from infection.

Please contact me for any queries.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Mathew

Community Nurse.


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