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AE.02. Hima Theresa - Mr Henry O'Keefe


The Director

The Aged Care Assessment Team

Brisbane South Region

78 Masterson street

Acacia Ridge

Brisbane 4110

19 March 2012

Dear Sirl/Madam

Re: My Henry O'Keefe, DOB: 02 February 1925

I am writing this letter to inform about Mr O'keefe who requires ongoing assessment and management from your department.He undergone a surgery on 14 March for left shoulder malignant melanoma.

Mr O'keefe was discharged three days ago.He is on glucosamine and chondroitin as supplement and two Panadol trice daily for the pain.Currently, he has lac of balance due to increased arthritic pain in limbs.His wife reported about his memory loss since the surgery.Hence, the management of the house and the garden were troubled.

Mr. O'keefe is an aged pensioner, lives in the housing Commission Home with his wife Ms Dorothy.They have no children.

During the first home-visit, he was helped for showering and wound cleaning.The wound seems no signs a infection and healthy. However, the bathroom and kitchen were disordered and uncleaned. Neighbours has been helped with shopping as well as cooking .

Today, the situation was the same. Mr O' Keefe likes to rest most of the day. His wife became troubled due the circumstances. Unfortunately, my role would be ended untill the suture removal on 24th March.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, further management and daily follow up of Mr O'keefe would be beneficial. Incase af any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me

Yours faithfully

Registered Nurse

Blue Skies Home Nursing Center.


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