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AD.27. Rinu Shajan - Ms sheila cartwright


30 April 2017

Mrs Edith Penny

Community Nurse

Fremont Community Health


Dear Madam,

Re: Ms sheila cartwright,aged 69years

I am writing to refer Ms Cartwright who require anticipated needs and care from your service. She has being diagnosed with unstable diabetes mellitus and small infected left foot ulcer.she is being discharged today.

Ms Cartwright was admitted on 14 April 2017 following the non stabilization of diabetes mellitus and foot ulcer.She has had non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus over 9 years.She is on Glibenclamide,5mg, daily nad metformin,800mg,t.d.s. Along with that for small ulcer in her foot she is commenced on Augmenting Duo Forte,125mg orally,twice a day as well as saline dressing. She require complete monitoring of wound margins and complication.

Ms Cartwright retired at the age of 67years from administrative position.She lives alone. However, after retirement her lifestyle has deteriorated by increased alcohol intake and decreased dietary quality. Presently, she have problems with self administration of hypoglycemic medication.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could moniter her medication compliance and blood sugar level.Apart from that,her alcohol intake and diet also. Kindly encourage her in exercise programme nad involvement in community social service worker. Moreover, she require an overall lifestyle plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Registered nurse


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