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AD.23. Sithara Jayathunga - Alicia Nesbitt


The Senior Midwife

Local Community Midwifery Team

Saltown Maternal and Child Health Centre


28 April 2016

Dear Senior Midwife

Re: Alicia Nesbitt, aged 6 days

I am referring Alicia Nisbitt, who was diagnosed with low birth weight and opioid dependence, to your facility for continuing care and appropriate support following the discharge today.

At birth, Alicia weighed 2 kg despite having gained 300g presently. Due to inadequate mother-child bonding, her appetite has decreased, and therefore, bottle feeding is remarkable.

Alicia’s mother Gamma, a single parent, is a heroin dependent for the last two years and recently had worked as a sex worker. During hospitalization, heroin withdrawal was successfully completed by both of them. Nonetheless, periodical encouragement regarding baby care is required.

Gamma, lives with a supportive mother, does not have any relationship with Alicia’s father due to domestic abuse during the pregnancy. Even though Alicia was permitted to live with maternal grandmother’s house, regular supervision of environmental safety, establishment of feeding in relation to the weight is highly recommended.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, constant daily visits and necessary support would be profoundly beneficial to improve both of Alicia’s and mother’s health conditions. Education also regarding newborn care should be provided to both the careers. Apart from that, ongoing observation of Gamma’s mental health, involvement in care and liaison with drugs and alcohol team for de-addiction as well as to minimize the risk of using drugs is suggested.

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


Saint Daphne Maternity Hospital


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