AD.16. Amal Mariya - Mrs Jasmine Thompson


Ms Nita Roberts

In-Home Nursing Service

79 Beachside st


16 July 2017

Re: Mrs Jasmine Thompson, DOB: 01 July 1942

Mrs Thompson, who has had underwent a right total shoulder replacement surgery is referred in your facility, requires assistance and further management following her discharge today.

Post-operatively, Mrs Thompson done right shoulder x-ray to confirm the position as well as blood tests are in normal limits. For pain management voltaren 50 milligram once daily for 14 days and paracetamol 500 milligram, two tablet for every six hourly if needed for 30 days. Also cold compress or shoulder-brace applied daily four hours. Regular monitoring of neurovascular symptoms, wound care and vital signs done within normal range.

After discharge, physiotherapy to be continued as well as wound care management is advised. Due to pian and decreased mobility assistance is required in daily living activities. Additionally, for the management of deep vein thrombosis administration of Clexane, subcutaneous daily for four days.

Follow-up appointment for stapler removal after ten days but to check the progress visit in physio outpatients two times in a week. Referral to community hydrotherapy is required in every week.

Based on the aforementioned circumstances, supervision and ongoing care would be profoundly beneficial for Mrs Thompson health condition. In case additional information is required, kindly do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse


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