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AD.04. Mounika Kothakota - Mr Gerald Baker


Ms Samantha Bruin

Senior Nurse

Greywalls Nursing Home

27 station Road


7 September 2018

Re: Mr Gerlad Baker, Aged 79

Thanks for accepting and re- accommodating Mr Baker who undergone left total hip replacement surgery and is being discharged today.

On 4 September 2018 he was admitted due to difficulty mobilising and climbing stairs and was undergone this surgery this surgery. Post - operatively, good mobility observed and started weight bearing with assistance of wheelie- walker , walks without difficulty. Transfused Three packet red blood cells for decreased hemoglobin that is 72 g/dL, requiredFurther monitoring regarding anemia. Daily dressing has been initiated.

Additionally, occupational therapy, range of motion and stretching, strengthening exercises has been initiated.

Medically, as you are aware He has heart osteoarthritis, Hypertension and on medication’s respectively.

After discharge, he requires medication monitoring continuing exercise program. Maintain and preserve skin integrity. Kindly arrange a toilet raiser.Hence Willie Walker, wedge pillow were Provided to him and also also to week hire of raiser Boss organized by hospital social worker from medical supplies.

Please note, Staples to be removed on 21st September, and also follow up FBE And UFC test at city hospital.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further quarries.

Your’s sincerely,

Register Nurse.


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