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AC.48. Deepthi Mariam - Mr Alison Cooper


Ms Barnaby Webster

School Psychologist

07 March,2012

Dear Dr Webster,

Re: Alison Cooper,aged 10,weight _40kg

I am writing to refer Alison Cooper,who requires psychological assessment to find out whether she has underlying grief related or any mental health illness.

Alison, a 5th year student,lives with her mother and siblings.Her father died in an accident 1.8 month ago.She is too close to her father.Her schooling was well until her father's demise. After that,she showed regular absentism followed by minor alliments,which was managed with medications. Apart from that her grandmother lives near the school and she takes care the children if they unwell and in holidays.

Alison has less concentration in studies and shows less interest in class activities. In addition, she has had asthma and eczema breakouts despite of applying ointments.she has few friends ,whereas;she was teased by her classmates for medical illness and obesity. Therefore, she is embrassesed and socially withdrawn.

Alison's mother was informed by the class teacher about the behavioural changes in the school.She replied that her daughter has same character at home and often talks about her father and sometimes she cries.she seeks comfort in cakes and chips.

It would be beneficial if you could asses Alison to find out the exact reason for her problems.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely,

School Nurse

Toobey Point Primary State School


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