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AC.10. Nusrat Mujeeb - Ms Mary Bell


Ms Jane Rudik

Community Nurse Newtown Community Health Centre


15 July 2018

Dear Ms Rudik

Re: Mary Bell, aged 66.

Thank you for Continuing the care of Ms Mary Bell after discharge of today she was diagnosed instibile diabetes mellitus and with minor infected ulcer on left foot. She requires continue Care and management.

Ms Mary Bell, has a history diabetes mellitus from last 15 years. Currently. She is an Glibenclamide 5mg once a day Metformin 850mg every sharly and Amorycillin 875mg/125mg orally twice a day.

Ms Bell recently retired. Survives on a small pension. Therefore encouragement to begin supplementing this with an additional form of income Would be beneficiale she has poor nutrition and excessive Consumption of alcohol. She was repeatily facing (unstable sugar level due to self adminstration of hypoglycaemic medication.

while admission, She was continued hypoglycaemic agent anti-biotic therapy has been reviewed dressing has been procede on daily bases with Saline. Therefore monitoring for Wound margings. closely observe healing process No signs of Complication were noted.

Me Bell requires Continuing monitoring complaince of medication, and maintain blood sugar lovel. encourage good diet and cease alcohal. In addition, She requires ongoing support for modification of life style, as Well encouragement for social activities and exercise programme highly recommended.

Base on the forementioned circumstance, - your ongoing Care and appropriate managent would be highly benificel to Ms Bell.

Your Sincerely

Registered Nurse


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