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AC.07. Nusrat Mujeeb - Ms Sheila Cartwright


Mrs Edith Penny

The Community Nurse Freemont Community Health Centre


30 April 2017

Dear Mrs Penny

Re: Ms Sheila Cartwright, aged 69

I am waiting to you regarding Me. Sheila Cartwright, who has been diagnosed unstable diabetes mellitus and smell infected over on the left foot. She requires Continue care monitoring and management. She is being discharged tooday.

Ms Shella has a history non insuline dependent diabetes. mellitus for the last nine years. Currently, she is on Gliben. Chamide 5mg once a day, metformin 800mg every shourly and Amoxycillin 125mg per orall twice a day.

Ms Sheila retired two year ago, her life style deteriorated

Since this time. Excessively consumption of alcohal and poor nutritation.

During hospitalization hypoglycaemic agent to continue Anti biotic therapy will be reviewed upon Completion of current. Course Ulcer dressing was preforment on daily bases with saline. observation for signs of infection and reviewed healing progress.

Ms Sheile requires continue monitoring and management of blood sugar and Compliance of medication Support her to decrease alcohal consumpation, advised for good healthy diet and expand her social activities and modifying her life style. A referal letter to social Worked will he highly recommended for financialy support.

Yours ongoing care and appropriate mangement would be highly befical to ms Sheila.

If any additional information is required, please do not hesitate to contact me

Yours Sincerely,

Registrert Nurse

Ms sheila Cartwright - 1 Nusrat Mujeeb


Dear candidate please proofread and correct the mistakes...


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