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AC.06. Datar Singh - Mrs Charlotte Prince


Ms. Leyla ward

Community Nurse

Ashton Health Centre


4 December

Dear Community Nurse

Re: Mrs Charlotte Prince

The purpose of this letter is to refer, Mrs Prince, who requires continued care following her admission in the hospital due to, mild conclusion.

She falls at home. Infection in the right toe has been observed. History of critically infected right toe and conjunctivitis as well as gastroenteritis have been noticed. Skin cancerous moles were removed in 2000. She also had surgery for replacement of knee in 1998 and whiplash injury.

History of hypertension has been identified over the past 25 years. Habit of excessive smoking of around 40 cigrattes a day as well as, habit of drinking alcohol occasionally have been observed. Difficulty in control over urination as well as mild scoliosis have been identified. He usually use stics for walking


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