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AB.14. Datar Singh - Mr Alfred Billy


Head Community Nurse

Care Well Hospital


5 May 2010

Dear Community Nurse

Re: Mr Alfred Billy, aged 52

The purpose of this letter is to refer the aforementioned patient, who has been diagnosed with skin cancer require regular observation.

Basal cell carcinoma and nodular6 basal- cell carcinoma has been diagnosed following his admission on 21/ 03/ 2010.

Biopsy of skin has been taken for pathological studies. Removal of CCB has been done. Apart from this, mild infection at wound site has been observed. As well as, chances of incomplete excision has been noted.

Medication named as: Panadein forte, 500 mg was prescribed, to reduce pain.

Habit of excessive consumption of alcohol over the past 30 years has been noticed. Likewise, habit of smoking also noticed.

Color of skin is dark and work as an truck driver.

There has been no complaints regarding pain and looks well at the time of discharge.

Nevertheless, require continuous supervision by a community health nurse.

Monitor medication regime for atleast one week. And if, any kind of emergency occur contact at: Sun City Arcade 207 Murray Street, Perth.

If you have any further query, please let me know.

Yours' faithfully

Charge Nurse

Hospital Ward

Hospital Royal Perth Hospital



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