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The Nurse-in-Charge

District Nursing Service

Greenville Community Health Centre

88 Highton Road


15 July 2017

Dear Nurse-in-Charge

Re: Ms Margaret Helen Martin, aged 81

I am writing to update you regarding, Ms Martin, who has undergone a successful angioplasty for her coronary artery disease and angina, requires assistance and frequent monitoring of a community health nurse following her discharge tomorrow.

Due to sedentary life style she has marked increase in her body weight and BMI of 29.5 has noticed. She has minimal interest in her daily living activity, As she is neither bringing grocery for herself, nor cooking.

Moreover, she has no social interaction. Apart from these she also has coeliac disease.

She has commenced on some medication such as: aspirin and Plavix for CAD,

Betaloc and Tritace for HTN,and Liptor for hypercholesterolemia.

Pt is perplex regarding her discharge, as she is uncertain if she will cope or not, therefore schedule periodic family visit which will eventually minimize the jeopardy of social isolation.

She has prescribed with specific dietary pattern which include: slight calorie and cholesterol, whereas rich in protein. Apart from these make sure it is gluton free.

Moreover provide small meals and abundance of fluid through out the day.

Based on physiotherapist recommendation patient should preform some light exercise. I would highly appreciate if you can observe the operated site as their is greater risk chance, that patient might develop bruises or infection. Similarly supervise her medication regime.

Although frequent monitoring from: doctor,dietician,and physio will be done. Nevertheless patient requires supervision of a community health nurse.

If you have any further query, please let me know.

Yours' faithfully

Ward Nurse

Greenville Public Hospital



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