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Ms Stella Howard

Head Nurse

Woodside Nursing House

Norwich 142

Woodside road


29 February,2020

Dear Ms Howard,

Re: Mrs Bestie Andrewson,age 89 years

I am writing to update current health status of Mrs Anderson,who is recuperating from urinary tract infection.She requires continuous care and management from your service

As you aware that Mrs Anderson was admitted to hospital on 16/02/2020.At that time,het temperature wa elevated to 38.3 c and oxygen saturation was 91% on room air.Her laboratory reports shows that WBC 15.2mg/dl and bacteria presents in urine.She was commenced with acetaminophen 650 mg and Ciprofloxacin.

Everyday assessment which include level of consious and blood pressure has been done.Physiotherapy was initiated and level of activity was increased.She has started to use the toilet periodically with proper hygiene.Her medication list has been enclosed.Additionally, she has orthostatic blood pressure.

Kindly perceive het for any signs and symptoms of dehydration and orthosta blood pressure.Make sure to do daily assessment and vital signs.Please note,she has follow up with Dr.Alec Rose after ,2 weeks and laboratory tests to be done.Kindly provide walker,cane and bedside commode.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Your's sincerely

Registered Nurse


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