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QQ.3715. Ms Amy Vineyard - Nursing – Josmin Jose – Pregnant Substance Abuse


08 January 2009

Ms Lucy Ban

Registered Nurse

Community Health Centre

St Kilda

Re: Ms Amy Vineyard, 21 years

Dear Ms Ban

Ms Amy Vineyard, a six-week primi gravida with substance abuse, is being referred for continuing care and support during her pargnancy. She is being discharged today.

On 06 January 2009, Ms Vineyard presented with pregnancy associated symptoms along with excessive worry and hallucinations. During hospitalization, several blood investigations were performed. Counselling sessions were provided regarding risk of human immuno déficiency virus and sexually transmitted diseases as she shares the infected equipments as part of her illicit drug usage. Possibility of rehabilitation clinic for driving out was discussed. Nutrition and pregnancy advices were given.

Ms Vineyard resides with her friend and has no contact with parents. She has habit of smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse since her teenage. Although she has history of depression,suicidal thoughts and self harm, she does not consult any psychiatrist. Currently, she shows desire to reduce alcoholism and illicit drugs.

It would be appreciated if you could arrange community mental health nursing services daily for Ms Vineyard atleast for two weeks. Methadone program and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings participation to be encouraged. Psychiatric aid and maternal health clinic need to be arranged. Please be aware the fact that she has first trimester ultrasound at two weeks.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Registered Nurse

St Kilda Women's Refuge Centre


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